Green Park Properties

GreenPark is a Real Estate Development and Property Management Company that proudly develops residential
properties designed to add a lasting value to its communities. GreenPark believes in the fostering of partnerships with various services providers with the aim of delivering bespoke products to its clientele. Our projects are tailored to meet the needs of the market and come with additional features to give a competitive edge. We have immense understanding of the residential real estate market, which translates into substantial returns for all who invest in our properties.

Our Mission

To develop cost-effective residential properties that add value to the community. We want to merge the concept of affordability and luxury through innovation and partnership to ensure that we enrich the lives of our clients. Our emphasis is on value-generation as well as corporate growth through acquisitions and project development to strengthen our standing investment portfolio and sustainable cash flow 

We maintain a constant focus on our Pillars of Excellence, which are the foundation of everything we do – from corporate decision making to resident relations and property sales and leasing. These measurable standards of success are part of how we are redefining excellence in property management. Our success is based on our strict adherence to the Core Values that make up the backbone of GreenPark. Together, these Pillars and Values provide a roadmap for our decisions and a benchmark for our actions.

Our Vision

Our vision as a full-service real estate development and management company is to be a cost-effective trendsetter that develops properties that add a lasting value to the community. In the residential real estate sector. We aim to serve the needs of our clients by consistently developing and managing developments of lasting value to the community. As a developer, we recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions.

Our goal is to generate sustainable income for our investors and develop the right products for our customers.


Property Management

At GreenPark, our core focus is on the management of conventional homes, investor owned apartment units and
townhouses. GreenPark proudly manages rental properties totaling over 30 units throughout Accra. With a deep
commitment to superior customer service, we are a recognized leader in innovation. Our genuine interest in preserving the integrity and value of our communities sets us apart, allowing us to consistently deliver excellence year in and year out. We have the communities where our properties are located to prove it but, most importantly, we have the respect of our residents and peers

Property Development